ELF Home Plus  Your Lifestyle store on line This is a facility that aims at bringing the benefit of Internet to all our  customers and associates. This  on line store consists of divisions that supply you with customised and fitted items like kitchens and wardrobes as well as off the shelf items which you can order to be delivered to your chosen address. Our site assists you in finding the products that suits your taste and convenience. Our products cater to lifestyles and some of them  require discussions, planning and fixing these plans into palpable designs as part of the ordering process. Our customers can now do it in the comfort of their homes or the convenience of their phones though our  STEP1 design centre. STEP 1 is a centralised facility that assures uniformity in the quality of design and communication. Some of our products like WonderWood Doors  and other items can be ordered on line and delivered to your doorstep with out installation if you so desire. Products like POISE kitchens, ARRAY wardrobes and closets, CUSTOM Cabinetry  are  to be  ordered on line with support of the Step 1 Design Centre and installed by our authorized technicians only. There is a magazine and newsletter to which you can subscribe and keep in touch with the Latest updates on lifestyle. You will also be notified of any offers discounts and promotions There is a shop now window on the home page which on clicking gives you a view of the category of items available. Looking forward to a happy association Team ELF Click on the relevant links below for informing us of your specific requirements and interests  
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