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Most people when faced with the choice of furnishing their homes have several doubts and questions. What is the best , why is it the best, will it give me value for money and so on. You are also faced with many opinions and suggestions which could add to the confusion From the beginning we at ELF have realized this and have made it our mission to meet the requirements of home owners looking for Elegance, Lasting quality and Functional perfection.

The following are a few frequently asked questions and answers

1.What is modular kitchens Wardrobes and cabinetry?

Modular construction uses standardized units that are complete in itself. There are hundreds of these units which are put together according to the size and shape of the room or space and requirements of the clients. Modular construction gives additional strength as well as flexibility of design. It also allows for stability of design and consistency in quality.

2. What does customized fitting mean?

Customized fitting means that the cabinetry and associated items are suited to the space available, according to the requirement of the customer.

3. Is it possible to fit these into rooms of any size and shape?

4. Yes, it is. How is it different from carpentry kitchens and cabinetry made at site or by local contractors? The difference can be compared to a factory assembled product like a vehicle. Almost all parts are available in the market and can be put together by good mechanics. In the same manner Carpenters and contractors also can assemble kitchens and cabinetry with their own Expertise. They may use their own techniques to short cut some of the features that make for the strength and durability. On site work usually takes a long time. Elf products are manufactured under strict factory conditions and supervision to exact specifications using standardized materials and machinery. Then the same is fitted at site with maximum efficiency and minimal time.

5 what are the materials used for cabinetry and why .

Because of the wide range of products many materials are used for the front finish, from wood and non wood based laminates, foils , metals and tough glass . PVC plinths and highly water resistant HDF and other materials are used in cabinetry and doors to safe guard against, termites, borer, and high moisture areas.

6 Your products look very elegant. Can I afford it?

We understand that our customers requirements are varied and our three ranges of LX ,PRIMA and NEO caters to different price ranges making our products Compatible to most budgets.

7 What is the price per squire feet and can I get a discount.

This is a question often faced by us and we understand that this is prompted by the way carpenters and local contractors quote and you would like to compare . We have a system of pricing with each module individually and automatically priced with the components incorporated in each. This makes the squire feet rate of one unit entirely different from another. As we are working with hundreds of different units it is impossible to give an accurate squire feet rate. Discounts are not given as our products are competitively priced. But sometimes there are offers associated with special campaigns.

8. How do I maintain the products?

ELF products come with permanent finish which only needs soap and water to keep them clean. Please do not use strong detergents or abrasive scrubbers.

9. At what stage of construction do you fit the products.

ELF products are completely finished units that should be fitted only after flooring cladding and painting is finished. Our technicians who fit the product will take very good care to make sure that your walls and floors are not damaged. We would like to remind you that the products delivery usually takes 45-120 plus days depending on the range and quantity. You can also estimate approximately 10-30 days for drawings discussions and finalization of your project.

10. Is there a warranty

All ELF products come with warranty.

11. How do I go about ordering my requirement?

Please see Elf Sales Procedure on home page. It is explained there in detail.

12. Is it possible for you to use materials and wood that I can give you?

No, it is not. Only appliances and countertop can be supplied by you if necessary

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