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Poise is Our Consolidated group of Elegant, efficient,ergonomic and eco friendly modular kitchens that come in three styles ( Classic, Contemporary and Avant - Garde) and three price ranges ( LX models at present in association with Oikos, Italy, Prima and Neo from our in house facilities) create a grand and wonderful choice in style, aptitude and personal relevance.
Lx fully imported cabinetry and appliances from Italy Manufactured by oikos cucine There is option to use local counter tops
Prima Choice in fascia-  High gloss or embossed finishes ,tough glass as well as an option for natural or veneered wood fascia.
Neo Choice in fascia -faux wood in wood grains , colors and metalic finishes , combinations of colour , glass etc.
All the models use high density water resistant pre laminated boards for carcass and are lifted on PVC legs and finished with PVC plinth Hardware used is hettich or haffle, accessory is stainless steel or silvered unless otherwise specified, appliances of your choice, facia choice as above.
Delivery   Lx 120+ days Prima 90+days Neo 60+days
Payment  60% with order  40% on intimation before delivery.
Design charges to Step 1 Design Centre will be accounted towards advance  on submitting credit note issued by them
Material Specifications
Models Lx
Models Lx
Models Lx, Prima & Neo
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